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Updated: 12/17/2019

Setting up ownCloud can be very tricky. Below are the steps involved in setting up ownCloud on Centos7.

Credits given to https://www.marksei.com/install-owncloud-10-server-centos/

This guide assumes you already have centos 7 installed.


1.  Add the repositories & Install packages

We first need to be able to install ownCloud and update php to version 7.0 by opening a terminal and typing the following:

2.  Setup MySQL & Create the database

Now we can install and setup MySQL which is the backend database used for ownCloud. There are many other options but MySQL is very easy to get started with:

Now setup your sql user’s password and follow the prompts.

This next part will set the service to start and be enabled at boot:

Now we need to open the SQL cli. Use your password that you just created to connect and we will create the database, create the user, and give rights to the user for the database;

3.  Setup Apache & SELinux

4.  Configure FirewallD