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A Completely Cloud Hosted Solution

Auto Attendant

Have your clients routed to the correct location with a professional auto attendant.

4 Digit Extension Dialing

Simply dial 4 digit extensions to quickly get a hold of colleagues. No need for any complex number combinations.


Not at your desk? No problem. Have your clients leave a voicemail that can be routed to an email address to provide the best possible service.

Call Parking

You can have the ability to place your clients into a queue, while they wait to be assisted by a staff member.


Quickly page staff members around the office or in a warehouse with the press of a button.

Ring Groups

When a client calls in to your business, you can have the ability to ring a single phone or a group of phones. Especially useful for secretaries.

Busy Light

Just by glancing at your phone, you can easily tell whether or not a co-worker is available to answer a call by their busy light.

Call Pickup Group

Have the ability to pickup another coworkers phone from your own phone when ringing. Great option for when a coworker is out sick or on vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What phone models are compatible?

Check out our phone models table for all full supported phones. Most Sip/ VOIP phones are compatible please email us for more information. To view more phone models click here.

What are the costs?

We normally have a 3 phone minimum @ $28.99. Please call or email us for more information

Do I need to understand VOIP in order to start?
Simply put, No. We have technicians available to walk you through the entire process from signing up to placing your first call. That is one of the benefits to using our fully cloud hosted system. Leave the technicalities to us so you can focus on your business.
How do I make changes after initial setup?
One of the benefits of having a completely cloud hosted phone system, is we can easily make changes for you. Simply create a ticket with us via email or a phone call and we can getting any changes done right away.
Can I have after hours calls forwarded to my cell phone?
Yes you can. Please discuss this with a rep during initial configuration.