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    Don’t forget about these awesome features that can help you expand your business

    Auto Attendant

    Have your clients routed to the correct location with a professional auto attendant.

    4 Digit Extension Dialing

    Simply dial 4 digit extensions to quickly get a hold of colleagues. No need for any complex number combinations.


    Not at your desk? No problem. Have your clients leave a voicemail that can be routed to an email address to provide the best possible service.

    Call Parking

    You can have the ability to place your clients into a queue, while they wait to be assisted by a staff member.

    Ring Groups

    When a client calls in to your business, you can have the ability to ring a single phone or a group of phones. Especially useful for secretaries.

    Busy Light

    Just by glancing at your phone, you can easily tell whether or not a co-worker is available to answer a call by their busy light.