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Business VOIP Phone Systems in New jersey

What is a cloud phone system?


Business Phones Systems VOIP New Jersey

A cloud hosted phone system is a VOIP business phone system that uses your local internet connection to connect to phone servers hosted in datacenter. When you connect a VOIP phone to your local LAN network it will connect to a phone server hosted in datacenter, that in turn connect to a PSTN that gives you out bound calling around the world. A cloud-based business phone system is designed to not have server equipment onsite. Also, a cloud-based business phone system is designed to not have expensive PRI’s or POT’s line on site. The PSTN in the data center will handle all the inbound and outbound calls outside of your internal phone system. PSTN stand’s for public switched telephone network, this connects your phone system to calls outside of your internal phone system. With a cloud-based business phone system you don’t have to worry about maintenance agreements or server equipment ageing or tech support, this is all included into the monthly cost. 

Business Phones Systems VOIP New Jersey At AVX Cloud we offer cloud hosted phone system, hosted in a private cloud. Once a VOIP phone is connected to your local network it was have a dedicated VOIP PBX Server to connect to hosted in our private cloud. This allows you to have zero capital expenditure upfront. No need to for expensive server equipment or expensive networking equipment to manage or maintain or expensive software licenses. Our Cloud Hosted Phone system takes away from needing to have an IT Team supporting a maintaining your VOIP system. With a cloud hosted phone system every time you open a new branch location or office, there is no need to buy a phone server for each location. You can simply add the new phones at the new branch location or office and connect them to your current cloud hosted phone system. You can even have their own auto attendants and dedicated phone numbers and recordings. At AVX Cloud we manage the phone server and networking equipment so that you can focus on growing your business. 

In conclusion when you are looking to save money and have zero capital expenditure  upfront for a business phone system for your office or branch office or headquarters. A cloud-based business phone system is a great way to have flexibility and reliability when choosing a business phone system. Your cloud-based business phone system will be accessible 24/7 365 with an uptime of 99.999% with AVX Cloud Private Cloud with fantastic tech support and professional services.


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